Adam Jackson Pollock
Medium Base LED vintage filament bulbs included
Made In:
BULB 4.5w LED Vintage Type ST19 E26 Medium Base 400Lumens 2300K
BULB 4.5w LED Vintage Type ST19 E26 Medium Base 400Lumens 2300K
MSRP : $22.00

HDExpo 2016 Awards — Best of Competition & Best New Lighting

Belle is a 16-gauge sheet of steel turned by Midwestern craftsman through brute force and skill into one of the most elegant and ridiculously large spinnings we have ever encountered. We take this raw form into our shop and carry it further, hand-applying a blackening patina to the exterior steel surface to draw out its natural industrial beauty. The deep variegated natural tones of earthy reds, browns and blacks are accentuated by golden silica-bronze free-hand welding seams drawn across the exterior. We top this off with a layer of matte clear powder coat paint to seal in the rich and textured finish for perpetuity.

The interior is gold-leafed (optional finishes include copper, silver leafing or solid powder coat paint colors). The opulence of the leafing creates a rich and luxurious reflective golden pool of light below. An ideal canopy for intimate conversations and trysts.

Illumination is provided by an array of 6 medium base sockets ready to accept LED vintage-style exposed filament light bulbs. A herring-bone patterned fabric electrical cord provides power to the fixture adding additional textural detailing.

Suspension is designed to be minimal and unobtrusive consisting of four fine aircraft cables that can be independently adjusted to allow for a pitched or level installation.

“I was so struck by the sheer materiality of this spinning that I couldn't pass it up! I contemplated what struck me about it for over a year. The fact that you need to laser weld two separate sheets of steel together to get a single piece large enough to spin on this chuck amazed me. I always thought spinning small metal pieces was dangerous enough, but having this huge flat sheet rotating around and watching the operators dive into it is just awe-inspiring. It just evoked a time when heavy, hard manufacturing was the cornerstone of our economy and society. I wanted to try to capture this in the contrast between the industrial raw exterior and the refined golden interior. It reminds me of massive cast iron steam engines pulling bespoke Pullman cars steadily across America. This was a time when elegance and the miracle of industrial might defined the world anew. I could see Belle right at home in Jules Vernes’ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, HG Wells’ The Time Machine or in the Moulin Rouge. She has a presence that is both grand and gentle.”

— Adam Jackson Pollock